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Thursday, 13 June 2013

I Have A Crush...A GLITTER CRUSH!!! Glitter Crush Alpha Freebie!

Hey Everyone!
The week is almost over and I feel like celebrating, so I am giving you a freebie to play with this weekend!  I have been playing around with alpha's the last few weeks and created this...
(Quality Checked - Upper Case Letters are approx. 2" tall at 300dpi)

The colors reminded me of Orange Crush and Cream Soda with a bit of sparkle throughout, and so Glitter Crush Alpha was born!  You can pick it up for FREE here from my dropbox.  It will probably be available for about a week and then you will find it for sale at CatDesignz.  
Hope you enjoy, have a fantastic weekend!

Happy Scrappin!


Sunday, 9 June 2013

Time for Scrapbooking and Friends

Good Morning!
After a long day at work yesterday I got home and decided to relax my tired feet!  I sat on the couch with my laptop and put together a layout from a picture that I took last summer.  I love this photo so much!  It wasn't spontaneous (I asked the girls to go sit at the end of the dock), but it does convey the relationship the girls have with each other.  They have known each other since my daughter was a baby and even though there is an age difference they have always gotten along.  Their friendship will stand the test of time.

I used this layout to participate in a challenge at Scraps n Pieces.  Each month they put up a list of different challenges.  This one used kits from their Bits n Pieces line for June.  

The kits are from Karen Diamond Designs (BFF Elements, BFF Extra Papers, BFF Grafitti) and Scrappiness Designs (Best Friends Forever Papers).  The staple is from Wendy Tunison (35mm).

I hope this layout has inspired you to scrap one of your favorite moments of friendship.  Until next time...

Happy Scrappin!


Saturday, 8 June 2013

A Little Story of Memory Preservation

Good Morning Everyone!
It's shaping up to be a lovely day in my area!  I hope there is some beautiful weather on the way for you too!
I just wanted to share with you a wonderful little podcast that I listened to a couple of days ago.  I found it on Layout A Day with Lain Ehmann. She interviewed a lady by the name of Darien Gee who told her inspiring story of how she left everything behind, moved to Hawaii, and held onto the things in life she cared about most, forgetting about personal "things" to live the way she and her husband really wanted to live. She talks about how WE ARE ALL memory keepers in some fashion or another even if you don't consider yourself a scrapbooker! (Blasphemy! Just kidding, lol!) Have a listen (I found it to be lovely to listen to in the background as I was working on some pages) and then take a look at her wonderful paper scrapbooking photos below the podcast. Enjoy! (Podcast Ep78, June 5, 2013)